Carole Aoki Studio

Installation Design

Carole Aoki is an accomplished ceramicist whose work has been collected by museums and honored by juried shows in the U.S., the Czech Republic, and Japan. For over 30 years she has created sculpture and functional objects in clays from fine porcelain to earthenware.

Her artist’s eye and unique appreciation for three-dimensional objects render Carole singularly adept in design and installation. Her installations are marked by an acute sensibility for light and color.

A BFA graduate of the California College of the Arts (formerly the California College of Arts and Crafts), Carole has a broad understanding of art history and object conservation. In the design conception she tries to balance an object’s historical significance with its aesthetic attributes to ensure that placement will complement surrounding objects – antiquities, paintings, prints, sculptures, or furniture.

Creating an installation design for a private residence presents a unique challenge: works of art must be aesthetically displayed in rooms used daily, but also securely displayed for busy moments of entertainment. Special attention must be given to objects of varying material and size. Each object must be thoughtfully placed to highlight its historical, cultural, and artistic importance.


Installation Design

Antiquities or other fragile objects of art pose special challenges. Carole has extensive experience in solving the problem of how to securely mount, contain, and display an object outside the protections normally found in a museum vitrine. She will design mounts, cases, and pedestals that secure and protect objects while enhancing the aesthetics of each one.

With the precision of a structural engineer, the skill of a craftsman, and the eye of an artist, Carole works with quiet efficiency to ensure the secure placement of your works of art.

Please contact Carole by email at: or by phone: 917-747-7401 to discuss your project. A selected client list for art installations follows below.

Michael and Judy Steinhardt, New York Residence

Fred and Diana Elghanayan, New York Residence

Madeline Hult, New York Residence

Electrum Gallery, New York

Frederick Schultz Ancient Art, New York

Power Tools — The Stone Age and Bronze Age in North Europe, 1993

Daedalus Gallery, New York

Prehistoric Eskimo Ivories